Self Esteem and Montessori

What is Self Esteem ? Self-Esteem is our sense of personal worth or value.  A health self-esteem is founded on how we view ourself (identity), self confidence, sense of security, belonging and competence.

So, it makes sense that self-esteem is built from being allowed to do things for ourselves. Inviting your child to be an active contributor to family life sends a clear message: "You are able" and "You belong".  Dr Maria Montessori said that we should never interfere when a child is showing they are confident in themselves to do something - "Leave the child alone and watch what she does. Do not abandon her, but watch from a distance. You can go to her if she needs help."

We can only truly tell what a child is capable of, if we step back and allow them to show us by their own actions. And I promise, when you step back and allow that freedom, and give the tools so that the child can do things for themselves, you will always be surprised how able they are! Toddlers are 'exhausting' - because they put so much effort and energy into everything, almost without tiring.... and because they will repeat, over and over, until it is perfected. This child is not focused on achieving a specific practical purpose. They are doing something far more important - building their own capability and self-esteem.