Welcome to Montessori Blumenau

Our Home

Blumenau means 'flower meadow' - Our home was built in 1897 and is part of the historic area of central Adliswil. The lane behind is 'Blumenauweg' - flower meadow way. We are very close to the river 'Sihl' and the central bus, train, and shopping area. It is 15 minutes by train or bus to Wollishofen, Thalwil, or the Zurich main station. Parking is available directly outside our building.

Our address: Wachtstrasse 9, 8134 Adliswil

How to Enrol

Enrolments are open for our three programmes :
Parent-Baby Programme
Parent-Toddler Programme
Toddler Community

You can book in for a tour or request an enrolment package here:


Our Space

We have a beautiful indoor space with kitchen, separate bathroom for children and adults, music and movement space and a small office. It is newly renovated, airy and a very delightful place to work and play.

Outdoors we have a terraced play space with a lovely garden. There is plenty to see and do for the little ones. Gardening, and caring for the birds, bugs and bees in our garden, is a great way to connect with nature.

Please read our blog for updates on our progress - It really is very exciting!

Our Team:

Jessica Scrimes

Education should be an 'Aid to Life'

We are not a 'Kita'  but our team have broad experience, including many years working in childcare centres, schools, and communities in Switzerland and abroad. We also welcome new team members who are interested and inspired by our goals.

Welcome to Montessori Elki Blumenau! My name is Jessica Scrimes and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences to help you support your child's development.  I am also a qualified community worker from Australia, and a mum of three children.

When I was studying at university it was all about theory vs practice - ideas (knowledge) are abundant in the age of the internet, but how does that knowledge apply to you and your child in the current moment ? I believe when we learn together with our children, in a supportive community, we can do better as parents, and our children will thrive.

No one has a crystal ball to tell the future, but the wonderful constant is that children learn and adapt to all situations.  So what are the tools we need to  be successful  ?  Well, as a mum, right now, I hope that my children will continue to be adaptable, resilient, strong and kind. As a Montessori practitioner, I hope that I can also be all these things now and in the future. Our life seems to become more and more serious.  Let's also bring some joy and fun every time that we meet.
- Jessica.

Susan Bangerter

My name is Susan Bangerter, I am married and have two adult daughters. My professional career started with a commercial apprenticeship. However, my enthusiasm has always been for children, and so I switched careers to pedagogy. I acquired pedagogical knowledge through specialist literature and courses as well as many years of work as a mother, childminder, assistant in the counselling of mothers and fathers, and as a care assistant in the after-school care center. I have been working as an assistant in the Montessori ElKi Blumenau since mid-May 2023, and I speak my mother tongue, Swiss German, to the children.

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