Oops ! - Found a Hedgehog

Do you know, I had never seen a 'real' hedgehog except at the zoo until just around Christmas ?

The weather had been warmer, and we thought we would quickly sweep up the rest of the leaves on the terrace check on our new plants to see how they are doing through the winter.... as we were tidying around the hedges I felt something that was a little too 'squishy'.  OOPS!

We quickly covered the Hedgehog back up and gave the hedgehog rescue centre a phone call. They said to leave it undisturbed unless it walks around the garden and it seems to have settled right back in for winter hibernation.  Phew!

After doing a little research, we decided to make some hedgehog sized holes in our fence, so that it can easily find its way out in the Spring.

New job for our annual gardening calendar - Spring: add a Hedgehog house - Autumn - make a big leaf pile at the back of the garden!

UPDATE: The hedgehog made his exit in the warm weather in early March - we think he exited through our new little 'hedgehog tunnel' through our fence. Will he come back again ? Who knows ?

Hedgehog Exit 1jpg