Flower Arranging and Montessori

Care of plants is a very important part of the Montessori method.  At the ElKi Blumenau, both our garden and our indoor plants are a source of joy and lead to many learning opportunities. Connecting with nature, discovering and observing the other animals that rely on plants are great fun. For toddlers, everything is new and interesting, and they are particularly fascinated by tiny things - including the many bugs that are found around us.

Indoor plants bring nature indoors - filtering the air we breathe, and a responsiblity to care for them too. In the Montessori prepared environment we care for our plants - watering, wiping the dust from the leaves, and growing plants from seeds or cuttings. Plants provide vocabulary enrichment, sensorial exploration and a sense of responsiblity.

Flower arranging also brings beauty to our indoor environment. This year we have been picking and arranging flowers that we found in our own gardens at the ElKi Blumenau. Oh, and did you know 'Blumenau' translates from German as the 'flower meadow' and is the name of the street where we are located ?

Do you grow plants and flowers in your home ? How can you include your Toddler in the responsiblity of caring for nature ?